Acquisitions & Dispositions

Investment services for investors with multi tenant or single tenant properties.



Selecting a quality investment property, or one that you intend to occupy, in today’s ever-changing marketplace is a formidable task. Berkshire Hathaway Commercial provides investors and owner/users with the knowledge and expertise to carefully evaluate an office, industrial, warehouse, apartment or retail property.

We have structured an information platform within the organization to share market data, lease and sales comparables and professional resources throughout Massachusetts. The result is better client service and greater market share.


Berkshire Hathaway Commercial assists all types of property owners including private, institutional, and owner/users in disposing of their property. The objectives of our marketing strategy are to achieve the highest possible price for the property in the shortest period of time through the selection of a qualified buyer with the highest likelihood of completing the transaction. We use every tool at our disposal to drive the transaction process with speed and certainty. Through our proprietary capital markets intelligence, we are uniquely able to identify and focus on the most qualified and aggressive sources of capital seeking properties. We also share information with our Berkshire Hathaway Commercial counterparts to effectively share institutional and private investor activity internationally.

Our marketing strategy creates a highly focused, controlled and confidential offering process that capitalizes on the Berkshire Hathaway Commercial network. Through our tightly managed distribution system we create a highly selective bidding process which results in optimal pricing. The offering process is comprised of three phases:

Advisory Phase

Property Inspection
Broker Due Diligence
Establish Pricing Targets
Prepare Marketing Materials
Establish Buyer List

Agency Phase

Offering Announcement
Presentation of Offering Memorandum
Coordination of Property Tours
Weekly Reporting
Solicitation of Bids
Scoring of Bids
Best and Final Offers
Selection of Winning Bidder

Due Diligence and Closing Phase

Purchase and Sale Agreement
Closing Process

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