NMHC Says Renters Continue Meeting Their Obligations

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)’s Rent Payment Tracker found 87.7% of apartment households made a full or partial rent payment by May 13 in its weekly survey of 11.4 million units of professionally-managed apartment units across the country.

This is a 2.1-percentage point decrease in the share who paid rent through May 13, 2019 and compares to 85% that had paid by April 13, 2020. These data encompass a wide variety of market-rate rental properties across the U.S.

“Once again, despite the economic and health challenges facing so many, we have found that apartment residents who live in professionally-managed properties are meeting their obligations,” said Doug Bibby, NMHC president. “But, it’s important to understand that our metric does not capture rent payments for smaller landlords or for affordable and subsidized properties. These excluded properties are the ones more likely to house residents experiencing financial stress.”