Thayer Interviews Top Professionals

They are in related industries to bring you information that is helpful to you. Always timely and informative.

My interview with John Pomposello of Windstream on companies integrating on demand cloud solutions into their systems to dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of enterprise IT resources.

My interview with Rick Bahnick of HVAC Engineering on neglected maintenance and ways to save building energy.

My interview with Paul Steinberg of Mabbett & Associates Environmental Consultants & Engineers on environmental issues to be aware of with ground, building envelope and the permitting process.

My interview with Peter Griffin of Advanced Storage & Transportation (AST) on move coordination and what it costs businesses to move.

My interview with Warren Kirshenbaum Esq. on Distressed Properties and Tax Credits for Brownfields, Renewable Energy, New Markets, Historic and Low Income Housing.

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