Investing in the United States with Triple Net Lease Properties.

Now more than ever, there are several compelling reasons for Chinese investors to consider investing in the United States. Positive investment factors can be categorized into the following components:

  • A favorable economic environment
  • Low to no management needed
  • Government policies and regulations, including tax incentives
  • Consistent returns on investment

Single-tenant leased commercial real estate, also known as NNN investments or Triple Net properties, are commercial buildings leased to one business in a contract structure that requires the lessee to pay for net real estate taxes, net building insurance and net common area maintenance. Sometimes called a “net-net-net lease,” it can provide a property owner a low management role and providing stable rental income while the tenant bears most operating costs.

Investors in single-tenant properties typically seek consistent returns and income generated by buildings with long-term, high-quality, creditworthy tenants, preferably with annual rent increases incorporated into the leases.

Some of the best single-tenant acquisition opportunities are found in secondary markets spread across the U.S. Institutional investors are seldom attracted to these markets, which tend to be isolated and offer few barriers to entry against substantial levels of new construction. Identifying acquisition opportunities outside the primary markets takes a larger investment in time and effort, but the rewards justify the extra work.

We focus on acquisition and disposition services, offering customized debt placement, property marketing and due diligence support.


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